Learning opportunities on macroecology

The core committee of COMPADRE and COMADRE believe strongly in not just open-access and open-data, but also in providing tools and concepts to advance comparative biology. Consequently, we run workshops on comparative demography and macro-ecology rather frequently. Below, some of the upcoming opportunities:

The COMPADRE Plant Matrix Database and COMADRE Animal Matrix Database will be integral part, together with other open-access repositories (IUCN, GBIF, Clo-Pla, BIEN, BIDDABA, MALDABA, FetchClimate), in the week-long workshop that will take place during the 25th-29th of April 2016 at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, in Rostock, Germany. Details on the content, application format and deadline can be found here.

In addition to this intense course, Rob Salguero-Gomez will be conducting a one-day workshop on the newly launched COMADRE Animal Matrix Datbase at the University of Queensland (Australia) on the 9th Nov 2015, and Owen Jones will be running a short workshop at the BES meeting in Edinburgh.

We hope you consider participating and help us spread the word!

Rob S-G