Publications from COMPADRE and COMADRE

Below are all the publications that we know of that have used COMPADRE/COMADRE data. If you know of any others, please let us know so we can add it to our growing list.

  1. Franco & Silvertown (1990) Plant demography: what do we know? Evol Trends Plants, 4, 74-76.
  2. Silvertown, Franco & McConway (1992) A demographic interpretation of Grime’s triangle. Functional Ecology, 6, 130-136.
  3. Silvertown, Franco & McConway (1993) The eternal triangle – an attempt at reconciliation. Functional Ecology, 7, 380-381.
  4. Silvertown & Franco (1993) Plant demography and habitat: a comparative approach. Plant Spp Biol
  5. Silvertown, Franco, Pisanty & Mendoza (1993) Comparative plant demography – relative importance of life-cycle components to the finite rate of increase in woody and herbaceous perennials. Journal of Ecology, 3, 465-476.
  6. Franco & Silvertown (1994) On trade-offs, elasticities and the comparative method: a reply to Shea, Rees & Wood. Journal of Ecology, 4, 958.
  7. Enright, Franco & Silvertown (1995) Comparing plant life histories using elasticity analysis: the importance of life span and the number of life-cycle stages. Oecologia, 104, 79-84.
  8. Franco & Silvertown (1996) Life history variation in plants: an explroation of the fast-slow continuum hypothesis. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society – Biological Sciences, 1345, 1341-1348.
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  10. Silvertown, Franco & Perez-Ishiwara (2001) Evolution of senescence in iteroparous perennial plants. Evolutionary Ecology Research, 3, 1-20.
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  27. Adler, Salguero-Gomez, Compagnoni, Hsu, Mukherjee-Ray, Mbeau-Ache & Franco (2014) Functional traits explain variation in plant life history strategies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciencies USA, 111 (2), 740-745.
  28. Iles, Salguero-Gómez, Adler & Koons (2016) Linking transient dynamics and life history to biological invasion success. Journal of Ecology, 104: 399–408.
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  33. McDonald JL, Franco M, Townley S, Ezard THG, Jelbert K, Hodgson DJ. (2017) Divergent demographic strategies of plants in variable environments. Nature Ecology & Evolution. 1:0029

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